Webby Submission: UPS Football Towns Videos

To launch a national campaign for UPS and its sponsorship of college football, we had to walk a fine line. To succeed, our work had to appeal to the small- to medium-sized businesses that make up UPS's most valued customer segment. To matter, our work had to connect deeply to college football fans, known for a passion bordering on zealotry.

We decided not to talk about football, but about football towns instead. And how every Fall, they are overwhelmed in the best possible way. Sidewalks are swelled, interstate lanes are clogged and a slow-paced life gives way to a bustling mania. Crowds swarm. Business thrives. And to plan ahead, they turn to UPS.

We traveled to football towns across the country, shooting everything from unique BBQ joints and iconic Jewish delis to the inside walls of the Michigan locker room and Alabama football complex. We weren't there to tell the story of what college football is, but rather what college football means to these towns. 

The results blew past expectations. Our video series garnered over 1.3 million views. On Facebook, the view rate was double the YTD average of all other UPS video content and had the most unique video views to date. On Twitter, our interactions per post were triple that of the set benchmark.

We launched the first day of the season, with a look at the unofficial capitol of college football.

We continued by profiling the most famous college town deli in America.

Our final stop was Texas, where we profiled three of its most iconic offerings: boots, BBQ & football.