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  • 32 Questions with Sean C. Reardon

    Posted 18 January 2017 12:00 AM by Dakota Williams

    Sean Callahan of LinkedIn interviews Moxie and Zenith CEO Sean Reardon. They asked Reardon 32 questions. Here are his 32 answers. 

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  • Global Adspend to Accelerate in 2016 Despite Economic Headwinds

    Posted 22 March 2016 9:00 AM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo

    The global ad market is on course for 4.6% growth this year, up from 3.9% growth last year, according to ZenithOptimedia’s new Advertising Expenditure Forecasts. Global advertising expenditure will total US$579bn in 2016, and will exceed US$600bn in 2017, reaching US$603bn by the end of the year.

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  • Two thirds of people living in top digital markets will own a smartphone by 2018

    Posted 30 November 2015 12:00 AM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo @MoxieUSA

    Moxie's parent company ZenithOptimedia (ZO) predicts that two thirds of people living in top digital markets will own a smartphone by 2018 in their latest New Media Forecasts report release November 23rd. This fourth edition of ZenithOptimedia’s annual New Media Forecastsreport provides snapshots of the current state of digital marketing in 47 countries, covering topics such as internet access, media consumption and online behavior, and forecasts the rise of internet connections and smartphone and tablet technology.

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  • Mobile advertising to overtake newspapers in 2016

    Posted 14 September 2015 8:30 AM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo

    Moxie’s parent company ZenithOptimedia (ZO) predicts mobile internet will be the third-largest advertising medium, behind television and desktop internet in 2016, according to ZO’s new Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.

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  • Moxie Announces Leadership Change

    Posted 18 August 2015 3:30 PM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo

    Atlanta — (PR Newswire) — Moxie announced today that Sean Reardon will be taking over as CEO following the departure of current CEO Suzy Deering.

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