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  • Solange Claudio Named President of Moxie

    Posted 16 May 2016 12:00 PM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo

    Solange Claudio has been named President of Moxie. Claudio’s visionary leadership and business acumen led to her promotion as President, a role she’ll be stepping into after serving as the agency’s Chief Operations Officer for the past two years.

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  • Lord & Taylor’s Native Woes May Just Be Tip O’ The Iceberg

    Posted 21 March 2016 4:00 PM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo

    Julia Cantor, Senior Strategist at Moxie, was interviewed for MediaPost’s “MarketingDaily” segment where she discussed her thoughts on influencer marketing and how larger brands need to step up their FTC guideline education efforts.

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  • Two thirds of people living in top digital markets will own a smartphone by 2018

    Posted 30 November 2015 12:00 AM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo @MoxieUSA

    Moxie's parent company ZenithOptimedia (ZO) predicts that two thirds of people living in top digital markets will own a smartphone by 2018 in their latest New Media Forecasts report release November 23rd. This fourth edition of ZenithOptimedia’s annual New Media Forecastsreport provides snapshots of the current state of digital marketing in 47 countries, covering topics such as internet access, media consumption and online behavior, and forecasts the rise of internet connections and smartphone and tablet technology.

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  • As Marketers Chase Millennials, Millennials Reshape Marketing

    Posted 20 October 2015 9:00 AM by John Rich @ MoxieUSA

    When it comes to connecting with millennials, there's no media like digital mobile media. Check out John Rich's article on MediaPost to find out more about connecting with millennials.

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  • The Age of Turing: Partnership Highlight

    Posted 6 October 2015 12:00 PM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo @MoxieUSA

    Committed to supporting the production of local digital content and interested in new forms of storytelling in the rapidly changing digital media landscape, Moxie partnered with ARchimeral Inc. on its interactive game experience, The Age of Turing.

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  • Being “Digital” Is No Longer a Differentiator

    Posted 21 September 2015 11:00 AM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo @MoxieUSA

    Sean Reardon, CEO of Moxie and Roar, explains why modern marketing is the future of advertising.

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  • Digital Summit Atlanta

    Posted 29 May 2015 2:30 PM by Dorothy Miller-Farleo

    Agencies no longer dominate the digital space. Large consultancies are moving in with capabilities and efficiencies that not only match but far exceed those of advertising’s traditional players. So how can agencies compete? By changing the way they work. 

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