We've got a tale

worth telling.


Our Story

We’re perennial makers.

Our Values

The stuff that makes us Moxie.


It's what compels us to explore uncharted territory.


It's what drives us to make and break ideas, methods, products and strategies.


It's what enables us to have brave conversations that push us beyond convention.

Our People

Individual experience. Collective results.

Sean Reardon

Chief Executive Officer CEO, Zenith USA, Moxie and Roar

Solange Claudio

President President
Justin Archer Justin Archer

Justin Archer

Chief Marketing Officer Chief Marketing Officer
Mitch Scharf Mitch Scharf

Mitch Scharf

EVP, Client Leadership EVP, Client Leadership
Tracy YoungLincoln Tracy YoungLincoln

Tracy B YoungLincoln

EVP Data, Technology & Intelligence EVP Data, Tech. & Intel.
Neil Schrum Neil Schrum

Neil Schrum

EVP, Group Account Director EVP, Group Account Dir.
Beth Nigro Beth Nigro

Beth Nigro

EVP, Managing Director EVP, Managing Director
Erik Hostetler Eric Hostetler

Erik Hostetler

EVP, Executive Creative Director EVP, Exec. Creative Dir.
Jared Kozel Jared Kozel

Jared Kozel

EVP, Executive Creative Director EVP, Exec. Creative Dir.
David Burke David Burke

David Burke

SVP, Delivery SVP, Delivery
Brooke Wilson Brooke Wilson

Brooke Wilson

SVP, Account Director SVP, Account Director
Danielle Donnelly Danielle Donnelly

Danielle Donnelly

SVP, Strategy SVP, Strategy
Sandra LaBonte Sandra LaBonte

Sandra LaBonte

SVP, Talent SVP, Talent
Melissa Hodgdon Melissa Hodgdon

Melissa Hodgdon

SVP, Media Director SVP, Media Director
Brooke Young Brooke Young

Brooke Young

SVP, Account Director SVP, Account Director
Jon Wright Jon Wright

Jon Wright

SVP, Applied Behavioral Science SVP, Applied Behavioral Science
Sonja Stanley Sonja Stanley

Sonja Stanley

SVP, Client Operations SVP, Client Operations
John Rich John Rich

John Rich

VP, Future Experiences VP, Future Experiences
Chris Rash Chris Rash

Chris Rash

SVP, Account Director SVP, Account Director
Wynn Muse Wynn Muse

Wynn Muse

VP, Digital Solutions VP, Digital Solutions
Keisha French Keisha French

Keisha Ffrench

VP, Group Program Director VP, Group Program Director
Sasha Collier Sasha Collier

Sasha Collier

VP, Data Platforms VP, Data Platforms
Nadia Kyzer Nadia Kyzer

Nadia Kyzer

VP, Account Director VP, Account Director