Moe’s Southwest Grill Quesopalooza

Integrated Campaign
Think Once a year, Moe’s rewards its loyal fans with Free Queso Day. So, how did we give queso its rock-star status?
Make With the help of Moxie’s Unit3C, we created original, buzz-worthy content and developed a socially driven, cross-channel campaign.
Move Fans quickly got amped, and within a matter of hours we set in motion the most talked about Free Queso Day ever.

The Moe’s Quesopalooza
Tortilla Guitar video went viral

Social Impressions

Consumer Sentiment

“This is an unorthodox, right-brain concept that does a really good job promoting Quesopalooza.”

– Adweek

“Check out the awesome ad before you convince yourself it's Taco Tuesday.”

– Stashed

“It's truly the perfect way to advertise the event.”