Chick-fil-a Hosting Handbook Video Series

Social Campaign
Think The majority of guests are unaware that Chick-fil-A offers Catering. If they are, they assume it is only suitable for large groups. How do we reset our customers’ understanding of Chick-fil-A Catering and show them it’s perfect for their next gathering, no matter how big or small?
Make The result was a social handbook made up of party tips and recipe hacks that helped educate and entertain fans while helping to take the stress out of planning gatherings and hosting.
Move Through engaging and immersive campaign content, we drove lift across three key metrics, including Ad Recall, Familiarity and Purchase Intent.

Purchase Intent Lift

6 Overall point increase

Ad Recall Lift

20 Overall Point Increase


Familiarity Lift

13 Overall Point Increase


3,636 mentions of Chick-fil-A Catering in a 2-month period.

Average daily mentions on social nearly doubled during the campaign period.

The Hosting Handbook garnered 17.2 million video views.