Posted 1 May 2015 9:00 AM by Jonathan Terry

    Find out how Moxie’s QA team is leveraging the power of automation to amplify the ingenuity of its very human testing team.

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  • How to Develop a Solid Content Strategy for Your Brand

    Posted 30 April 2015 9:00 AM by Paige Niedringhaus

    Content marketing is the hottest thing since sliced bread. If you can’t figure out how to develop a content strategy for your brand, check out my first blog in a 3-part series that demystifies the brand content marketing process.

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  • Amazon Moves to Prime Time

    Posted 23 April 2015 9:00 AM by Ivy Chang

    Find out what happened when Moxie’s Future Experiences team tested out Amazon’s new delivery service, Prime Now, which launched in Atlanta on April 2nd.

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  • Build First: Fast-Paced Software Delivery on Agency Timelines

    Posted 17 April 2015 10:00 AM by Keith Morris

    When it comes to fast-paced software delivery, a “Build First” methodology enables engineers to shift from large-scale, milestone deployments to swift, continuous deployment cycles that allow for agility in adapting to the rapidly changing marketing landscape.

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  • Content Rules

    Posted 16 April 2015 9:30 AM by Filippia Iboko

    Consumers used to seek personalization. Now they expect it. Savvy brands know that, when it comes to building meaningful relationships with their audience, content is the answer.

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  • The Beauty of Machine Learning (or Trends and Supermodels)

    Posted 9 April 2015 2:30 PM by Leonard Johnson

    Want a quick education on machine learning? Read this post from Moxie's Leonard Johnson.

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  • LOVING THE LIKE: How Brands Use Instagram to Encourage Purchase Behavior

    Posted 7 April 2015 2:00 PM by Emily Schwartz

    Forget “a thousand words.” When it comes to brands and Instagram, a picture could be worth thousands upon thousands of sales.

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  • What is happening to my ESP?

    Posted 2 April 2015 3:30 PM by Alec Young

    Three major ESPs recently updated the logos on their websites. What does this mean? Alec Young (aka @EmailTycoon) offers his insights into the latest changes within the ever-evolving landscape of email marketing.

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  • Are agencies prepared for the next 10 years ?

    Posted 31 March 2015 11:00 AM by John Rich

    Moxie's John Rich shares his take on the Digiday Agency Summit that was held in New Orleans earlier this month.

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  • Mobile Is and Isn't

    Posted 26 March 2015 4:30 PM by Scott Smith

    It is still extremely difficult to give a direct answer when someone asks, “what is mobile?” I believe that is THE point that needs to be made. There is no limit to what “mobile” can be or how it can coexist with almost any program a brand is developing. However, I think we also need to ask ourselves “What isn’t mobile?” to help answer the question. 

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